Ada Yuewan Chen

As an artist from China, I interrogate the Chinese traditional concept of beauty, specifically architectural beauty in landscape settings through a process of painterly deconstruction.

In my recent work, I blur the line that separates representational painting and non-representational painting. I always start with one original element that falls within my concept of beauty. Then, I partially destroy it through the superimposition of other elements and rebuild several parts back. Thus, my works have moved away from purely representing beauty, and to become unique and more aesthetically challenging. After my manipulation of elements, I look for something new that has come out of the change. I respond to the “upset” of the original elements keeping in mind an interest in how I feel about the change and how I can find something new and original in the mix.

My works in general both obscure and subvert the traditional definition of beauty. I create my painting to provoke a questioning theme rather than to state the obvious or draw conclusions.  I ask questions of myself through my paintings, and hope to expand my dialogue to other areas of presumption.

Queen's University. Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Class of 2020