Alison Quinn

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Women experience varying roles throughout their lives and within their culture. Be they businesswoman, mothers, scholars, housewives, office workers and all other combinations thereof, it remains a truth that media fed back to us reflects how we have defined ourselves in  these roles. What is also revealed is how expectations overlap and conflict with what is expected and accepted by mainstream society. I believe that women are too often presented with the choice to either limit or perfect their human existence as opposed to seeking out more complex and interconnected experiences in life…lives that encompass both failure and success as part of being human. 

This set of paintings begins with printed words that form a concept of being labelled or having labels applied to oneself. I explore how to interact with these by staging a struggle of either fitting- in, burying or revealing them, as chance permits. By introducing figures, I allow the vulnerable and imperfect female to enter charged worlds that either comforts or threatens to be destabilized by the fixed concepts of verified expectations. Exploring how I may contrast the fragility of the individual in the presence of turbulence of the torrential evolving environment allows me to arrive at what are sometimes strong female figures curiously aloof to the pressures around them…intent on simply being. One could say they are aloof…but I prefer to see them as intent on forming their own vision.

Queen's University. Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Class of 2020