Carol Liu

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Mythologies are common to humankind. My work is driven by the exploration of creatures of various cultural myths and their representations, philosophies and their common depictions as grotesque, or beautiful. My oil paintings explore interpretations of these portrayals, as they encompass educational, political, cultural, economic, or scientific functions. Through this process, I wish to challenge the innate potential of the viewer to associate different elements simultaneously in order to gain new perspectives. My hope is that this dissection will reveal the diverse and original way of thinking around the globe, serving as a reminder of the importance of open-mindedness and how people can interconnect ideas in the most unexpected way.

I am interested in legends because I think they can be seen as the epitome of the creative mind. I am interested in showcasing the wonders of cultures through their legends because I am from China and I enjoy the multiculturalism of Canada.

My artistic inspirations are from: Richard Orient, Paul Saari, and Celia Neubauer’s work to create otherworldly painterly effects; Alex Kenevsky, Erin Loree, and Carol Wainio’s work for the playfulness in the process; and James Jean Rebus’ work for fascinating perspective.

Queen's University. Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Class of 2020