Kirstin Poulsen

I was dying from the inside out. My studio practice allows me to openly face my fears, understand, and find felicity. I explore the struggles of women and girls in the modern world by illustrating the fragile spirit within. My exposition depicts the mind and body when under attack from an eating disorder. From afar, lively colours, soft textures, and scale suggest a sense of feminine beauty and confidence. On closer approach, the disturbing details of the art brings the audience inside a veil of distortion and dishonesty. The tormented eyes represent the effect that unhealthy pressures within modern society has on the mind. Another recurring theme in my work is expressing internal pain through the graphic and unnatural depiction of bodily fluids. The repetitive process of screen printing, not unlike binging and purging, is used to depict an increasingly complex and ugly self-portrait.  The style is graphic and surrealist - mimicking the way young women can distort reality within. These raw expressions of inner consciousness reflect the need for control while attempting to survive in today's image-centric world. Victims of social pressure often become the culprits. My art allows me to recognize the truth, repair my well-being, and help stop perpetuating the cycle.

Queen's University. Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Class of 2020