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Natasha Allen

My work takes inspiration from traditional Dutch still life paintings while trying to incorporate contemporary ideas and practices into each painting. My main focus is on fruit, specifically using fake objects as my reference. Many Dutch still life painters used real fruits as their reference, however I am interested in the relationship between real and inanimate objects and as a result I use fake objects and try to paint them as realistic as possible – taking away the “fake” look and making the viewer question whether or not the objects used were real or fake. This relates to how we as a society are forced to question if what we see on social media, the news and in our culture is real. We are constantly dealing with the media portraying things in a different way, and as a result we are unaware of what is truly real. Within my work colour plays a huge role, my paintings have a sense of harmony as the colours used are seen within each object and make the work more aesthetic and flow better. 

Queen's University. Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Class of 2020