Neve Scullino

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I intend to communicate a feeling of vulnerability through the exploration of materials. This is meant to create an interaction between the piece and the viewer, and allow the audience to reflect on their own experiences and emotions. This is done through visually representing a pause in time -- liminal space -- to investigate the self and the body. By depicting an everted interpretation of the body, I am urging the audience to think about a version of the body that is not normally seen. This supports the presentation of my work as an altered inner world, where the awareness of the self is amplified.  I’m really interested in creating a moment in time, of visualizing a transitional moment that suggests an ongoing exploration within the self. Displaying an alternative world that creates a new level of awareness within the viewer uses figures that are otherworldly to draw connections between the self and presence and explore an invented temporality. This is done through materials such as chicken wire and cheesecloth that make the figures translucent and weightless, growths and crystals that add to the energy surrounding them. The materials create a contrast in texture that makes them feel fantastic, and they work together to create a sense of gravity through poses and presence as an installation. There physical appearance in being recognizable to the viewer yet discomforting in their texture and form allows for an exploration of different means of visualizing the feeling of vulnerability through reflecting the human body in abstract versions. To invoke emotion and invite the viewer into the capabilities of the human body and a reflective atmosphere.

Queen's University. Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Class of 2020