Sarah Swedberg

My artwork involves an immersive installation that invites viewers into inclusive spaces of whimsy and wonder, spiritual connection, play and community.  These neutral grounds aim to break unspoken and even stated social laws of rationality, space and (non)interaction through contemplative shared participation. A big part of the art is the specific and unique interactive experiences that happen in the immersive spaces. In this installation the task of sewing, which would otherwise be completed independently, is repurposed to be a collaborative experience. The viewers approach the installation and communicate with the artist, who is located inside, to embroider the surface of the installation by passing a needle and thread back and forth through the work. Each participant will help complete the next part of the phrase painted along the outside of the tent. The phrase “I am hiding but I need to be found”, taken from a dream the artist had, expresses the loneliness and fear, yet desire to be known, that people experience. At the same time, it speaks to the artist’s spiritual quest to find a God that often feels hidden. By helping the artist sew the words into existence, the viewer is creating an example of the connection we long for, both with humans and with the unseen.

Queen's University. Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation Class of 2020